A Two Part Series in the 1998 West Point Alumni MagazineThe Assembly by Bill McWilliams, about the Korean War, West Point graduates in it and men of the 7th Cav.

Dedication in the Magazine: In memory of the 1,092 officers and men of the 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment, and all Academy graduates, who gave their lives in defense of freedom, democracy, and the Republic of Korea in '...the forgotten war.

1 - Korea: Once More Into the Fire

2 - The Fateful Class of '50

3 - The Lieutenants' War

4 - One Man's Road to Korea

5 - Roots and the Making of an Officer

6 - Lessons: The Retreat from the Yalu

7 - The Making of a Warrior

8 - War's Grim Classroom

9 - The Night Defense of Hill 339

10 - The Culminating Battle - Hill 347

11 - The Aftermath

All contents of the 11 part series above are Copyright, Bill McWilliams, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1998. No reuse without permission from the author.

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